Fresh North Carolina Fishery & East Coast Seafood and interesting treats from other notable places (as well as a few frozen delights from exotic ports of call)

We’re weekend warriors and sell our products on Friday, Saturday and some Sundays. Our schedule:

  • We open Friday at The Budding Artichoke Fruit and Vegetable Store, 2301 Sandy Ridge Rd. only 1.1 miles south of our Cheerwine site in High Point starting at noon on Friday. We open at 9 AM on Saturday at our Cheerwine site across from the Piedmont Triad Farmers’ market.
  • We open at Josh’s Farmer’s Market, 189 Williamson Road, Mooresville at 1:00 PM on Friday and 9 AM on Saturday.
  • We open at our Summerfield site, 7301 Summerfield Road, Summerfield, at noon on Fridays and 9 AM on Saturday.
  • We sell products on Sundays at some of our sites if we didn’t sell everything on Saturdays…assuring you we don’t sell leftover products the following weekend. Sign up for our newsletter HERE to receive notification of our Sunday sales.

We provide Local Food/Whole Food/Sustainable Food from our golden supply chain (hey, it took us years to find the right brokers with seafood that met our high standards and it wasn’t easy getting in their good graces. But we managed…mostly through bribes and the sale of our first born chirren!). We also carry some not so local food also like Faroe Island salmon and New England scallops,cod and lobster. Really good stuff. Actually better than good. Visit The Shrimp Connection open air seafood market in High Point, Colfax, Mooresville/Lake Norman & Summerfield North Carolina for a true taste treat. The best our state has to offer!

This is what we call: “Radically Fresh” seafood. If you have never had it you have never had real seafood. Enough said. Tasting is believing. So come give us a taste test…that’s where we shine. The only thing you have to lose is your old benchmark on what quality seafood really is.

So Who Are We?  

No easy answer but we do bill ourselves as roadside peddlers of fine distinction.

We go to the central NC coast to negotiate for seafood! However,unlike the big box retailers, our supply chain is “golden” and the time from the ocean to the table is typically a day or two. You will not find that anywhere else. Period. Even though we have cast ourselves in the long mercantile tradition of selling in outdoor markets we no longer travel like peddlers from place to place. Since we have fixed locations from which we can share our products (and polished humor) my guess is we have now been elevated to merchants in the minds of many. You know that’s the fine layer of American business which is being regulated out of existence. Nice. But we are there through rain, snow,regulatory horse%#&^ and dread of night…well really not the dread of night thing since we only operate during daylight hours but we’ve survived tornadoes intact. We’re tough. Or stupid. Or dedicated. Or a combination thereof. We choose this madness for a reason: it allows us to interact with our customers at a more personal level. More importantly we want the customer to check out the seafood up close and personal. Not just the quick token sniff that most groceries may or may not allow but we want our customers to see, feel and examine the color and beauty of the product. We just wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Here’s the deal: We are committed to providing an exceptional seafood buying experience while educating the community about our mission by continually changing the menu to reflect sustainable seafood that is in season and available and is the finest available. The essential characteristic of sustainability is flexibility; the more we learn the more we change our behavior- Better for you, Better for us, Better for our environment.”

It has been said many times but remains the fundamental truth of business:

  • Because the customer has a need, we have a job to do.
  • Because the customer has a choice, we must be the better choice.
  • Because the customer has sensibilities, we must be considerate.
  • Because the customer has an urgency, we must be quick.
  • Because the customer is unique, we must be flexible.
  • Because the customer has high expectations, we must excel.
  • Because the customer has influence, we have the hope of more customers.
  • Because of the customer, we exist!

Hone Your Seafood Chef Skills

Our “porpoise” is to make you as knowledgeable as possible about seafood. Shrimp Connection fishfolks are your #1 resource for cooking techniques and recipes in preparing all our fish varieties. We keep a large archive of recipes to help you become the best seafood chef you can be. We’re here when you need us for advice on bringing out the best flavor in the simplest way possible. Good food requires minimal preparation. Please your palate, your family, and your friends with the most delicious seafood around. We are trained at selecting and purchasing, handling, preserving, displaying, merchandising and selling our product. Man that took my breath away. Our seafood (and fresh water offerings) will take your breath away!!

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Shop our Shrimp Connection seafood markets in High Point, Colfax, Mooresville/Lake Norman and Summerfield North Carolina