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Our weekly schedule is as follows:

FRIDAY on Sandy Ridge Road we’ll open at NOON next to The Budding Artichoke and close at 6 PM.
SATURDAY at Cheerwine, across from the entrance to the Robert Shaw Farmers’ Market on Sandy Ridge Road we open at 9 AM until sellout or 5 PM.
Summerfield opens on Friday at NOON until 6 PM
Saturday from 9 AM until sellout or 3 PM
Mooresville/Lake Norman at Josh’s Farmer’s Market
Friday opens at 1 PM until 6 PM
Saturday from 9 AM until sellout or 5 PM


Maybe your team made it to the series … maybe not.  Either way, you can count on us to be here with a variety of radically fresh seafood for the long haul!  Come and see us on Friday or Saturday!


SENIOR DISCOUNT the first weekend of each month! We offer an 8% discount for any size order of any of our products that senior citizens of ages 65-99 pick up at our sites. The senior citizen must pick up their orders, pre-ordered or not, to get the discount. Seniors 100 and older will get a 40% discount when they get to our sites and we plan to take a picture to add to our upcoming newsletters. Not valid for Sunday Sales.



We need someone who would enjoy working at our Sandy Ridge sites on Fridays and/or Saturdays
~ maybe that’s you?    Call Mike at 919-610-7934 if you are interested!



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All Sales Sites are open until 6 PM on Fridays, and open at 9 am on Saturdays

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100%, 100% of the time for any reason.


Our Newsletter

Our newsletter is the linchpin of our business. Always has been, always will be. In order to keep ‘rockin’ and rollin’ we would like to keep you up-to-date on our current catch of seafood which changes weekly. Therein lies the value of the newsletter. We will also try to answer all questions (viz. “what IS Arctic Char?”; “why DO you folks wear mismatched socks?” and “IS Landon’s hat really lime green and, if so, WHY?�������) Remember a life without great food is a life misspent. So help us conquer the world one bite at a time. Not a Shrimp Notes newsletter (email) recipient then by all means sign up!

We want to connect and by that we don’t want your latitude and longitude on Google Maps. Just honor us with your e-mail address and we’ll keep you up to speed with a personally delivered newsletter twice a week. One provides a “heads-up” on our pending Thursday trip to the NC coast and the second gives you a list of what we’re returning with. This allows you to pre-order which will insure we have your selections when you arrive-packaged in ice and ready to roll. Equally important we want your suggestions and inquiries regarding fish and crustaceans you might like us to find. We love variety and if it’s cost effective we will source it out and bring it in-land. We would love to bring you into the fold of “singular, select seafood savvy souls”. Say that 3 times! (((By the way any e-mail provided to us will NEVER be outsourced to ANY other business. Promise. It’s encrypted, secured and guarded by our trustworthy dawg-Maggie. Ferocious little Lab mix. Awfully territorial.)))

Advanced Warning: We only hire folks who see the humor in this somewhat crazy life and know seafood like the back of their hand. A tricky combination. We will offer you the best in seafood and the best in service. Guaranteed!

So tune in, send an e-mail and come visit. We’re looking forward to new friends otherwise we’re just staring at tuna that ain’t talking. Boring.

Contact us or stop by one of our 4 locations in North Carolina for fresh off the boat fish varieties.