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We go to the NC coast each week on Thursdays and bring back loads of radically fresh seafood to the Piedmont Triad (High Point, Colfax, & Summerfield) and Mooresville/Lake Norman.  We’re open for business on Fridays and Saturdays with occasional Sunday SALES.

2301 SANDY RIDGE RD next to The Budding Artichoke, we’re open Fridays from 12 PM until 6 PM
2913 SANDY RIDGE RD Cheerwine across from Piedmont Triad Farmers’ Market, we’re open Saturdays from 9 AM until 5 PM

7301 SUMMERFIELD ROAD behind Dove Medical Supply
Fridays we are open from NOON until 6 PM
Saturdays we are open from 9 AM until sellout or 3 PM

MOORESVILLE/LAKE NORMAN 189 Williamson Rd at Josh’s Farmer’s Market
Fridays we are open from 1 PM until 6 PM
Saturdays we are open from 9 AM until 6 PM
Sundays we are open from 10 AM until sellout

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You can also contact landonwilder@shrimpconnect.com or (336)-253-3881.


Senior Discount the first full weekend of each month! We offer an 8% discount for any size order of any of our products that senior citizens of ages 65-99 pick up at our sites. The senior citizen must pick up their orders, pre-ordered or not, to get the discount. Seniors 100 & older will get a 40% discount when they get to our sites and we plan to take a picture to add to our upcoming newsletters. Not valid for Sunday Sales.


Think about a GIFT CERTIFICATE from The Shrimp Connection for your friends, family and employees. Call Landon at 336-253-3881 or order one like you do seafood and I’ll call you to finish the deal.


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***Special Orders for Special People. Items like live blue crabs (NC), alligator, Portuguese sardines, cold-water oysters, New Zealand mussels, Caribbean Conch, Calamari, Octopi, Smoked salmon and Live Maine Lobsters. Something particular that you have in mind? Give us a call!


Price List: Click and View/Print


16-20 CT/LB. Headless, JUMBO, PF, GREENTAILS, NC:   $15.95/LB or $14.95/LB if part of a 5-pound order

36-40 CT/LB Headless, MEDIUM, FRESH, BROWN, NC: $10.95/LB or $9.95/LB if part of a 5-pound order  don’t know yet!




LITTLENECK CLAMS, Cultured, GA:  $49.00/100 CT Bag or $0.53 Each  None available



CRAB MEAT, FRESHJUMBO LUMP, NC: Garland Fulcher’s/Oriental, NC:  $37.95/LB. No quantity discounts

CRAB MEAT, FRESHLUMP, NC:  Garland Fulcher’s/Oriental, NC:  $30.95/LB. No quantity discounts

CRAB MEAT, FRESHCLAW, NC:  Garland Fulcher’s/Oriental,NC:  $19.95/LB. No quantity discounts

LOBSTER TAILS, FROZEN, 6-7 OZ., Maine: $15.00 EACH

OYSTERS, IN-SHELL, Blue Points: $1.25/EACH ($107.00/100 CT order by 4 pm Friday)

OYSTERS, SHUCKED, VA:  Rappahannock River,  $21.50/PINT or $20.50/ PINT if part of a 5-pound order

SCALLOPS, SEA, Sushi Grade, New Bedford, Mass: 10-20 CT/LB–FRESH: Our dry-pack white, sweet sea scallops.  Chemical-free.
No preservatives. $21.95/LB or $20.95/LB if part of a 5 pound order


ARCTIC CHAR, Iceland:  $19.95/LB or 18.95 if part of a 5-pound order

CHILEAN SEA BASS, Chile:  Frozen 8 oz. portions, individually wrapped. $18.95 Each

COD FILLETS, New England: $13.95/LB or $12.95/LB if part of a 5-pound order

FLOUNDER FILLETS, Gigged, NC:  $23.95/LB or $22.95/LB if part of 5-pound order

FLOUNDER WHOLE, Gigged, dressed, NC:  $18.95/LB or $17.95/LB if part of a 5-pound order

HALIBUT FILLETS, Canada:  $24.95/LB or $23.95/LB if part of a 5-pound order

RAINBOW MOUNTAIN TROUT FILLETS, Sparta, NC:  $13.95/LB or $12.95/LB if part of a 5-pound order

SMOKED RAINBOW MOUNTAIN TROUT FILLETS (Vacuum Sealed), Peaceful Valley, Sparta, NC: $22.95/LB

RED SNAPPER, Lanes, FL:  22.95/LB or $21.95/LB if part of a 5-pound order

SWORDFISH STEAKS, Panama:  $19.95/LB or $18.95/LB if part of a 5-pound order

TILEFISH, GRAY, NC:  $24.95/LB or $23.95/LB if part of a 5-pound order

TUNA STEAKS, YELLOWFIN, NC:  $20.95/LB or $19.95/LB if part of a 5-pound order

SALMON FILLETS (Sushi Grade), Faroe Islands, North Atlantic:  $18.95/LB or $17.95/LB if part of a 5-pound order

(Our salmon is cut from whole fish into huge fillets which are the sides of the fish without bones. We cut these sides into collars, center cut strips, wide cuts, and tails.  ~ Collars are the fattiest of all the cuts and are best for sushimi and sushi. Tails are the least fatty and are best for medium, medium well, and well-done salmon. Strips and wide cuts are best for grilling, broiling and sauteing.  Please specify which cuts you prefer.)



Seafood Handling Facts: Making Smart Choices.  Click Here!

You can also contact us at landonwilder@shrimpconnect.com or 336-253-3881.